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Musing Of A Girl: Little things need cherishing too


There are things we seem to trivialize probably because they seem to creep in on us when we least expect, I mean, you don’t even know it hence we tend to consider them a constant and as such we fail to place importance on them. Take falling in love for example.

Like Celine Dion asked, have you ever been in love, you could touch the moonlight… Hehe… You’re thinking how so right? Well, love just makes you do silly things, you feel like you’re on top of the world, those tiny mushy feelings you get in your inner mind.

Isn’t it amazing how love gets you feeling all mushy, look at you smiling just at the thought of your loved one…It’s such a great feeling, yes?

You do feel like being with your loved one right now, yes? Just to touch them, hold them tight and whisper sweet nothings, yes?

I feel that way too but then, imagine that no matter how much you want to, you can’t touch him or her because it would be the death of you both.

You can’t even imagine the feeling right? How completely frustrating and disheartening that would be, to be so close to the love of your life yet so far.

Btter still, close your eyes, the love of your life is standing right beside you but you can’t see him or her, you have no idea how they look, you can’t see the emotion that plays on their faces as they tell you about what excites them, the food they like, the clothes they love, their favorite colors, their art, things like that.

You can only just imagine the curve of their face, the roundness of their lips, how bright they look but you just can’t see them… Isn’t that like the most painful thing ever? To be in love yet not be able to see the subject of your affection?

Stop taking for granted these little things, the ability to be able to see your lover, to touch and to hold them, to be able to listen to their voice and watch the emotions play out on their faces.

To be able to kiss them, to tickle them, to cuddle them… Cherish these, be thankful for it… because there are a lot of people out there who want to be able to see their lover, who want to touch their lover, who want to taste their lover in their mouth but can’t because the odds are against them.