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Mother demands justice for LASPOTECH student who fell victim to cultism


The mother of one of two students of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Ebun, who abandoned their studies after forceful initiation by suspected members of Eiye confraternity, has announced that her son is ill.

The woman, while demanding an investigation into the incident, said the undergraduate was traumatised by what he suffered in the hands of the suspects last Saturday, The PUNCH reports.

She said; “My son has been sick; he is still scared about the incident and what they gave him to eat, but we are praying about it.

“I and the family members of my son’s colleague will be visiting the school together. We want justice.

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“My child said he can no longer go to school; will the school give him a certificate? If he cannot get a certificate, I am appealing to Nigerians to support me financially so my son can secure admission to another school to further his education.

“I am a single mother and it was not easy for me to pay for his school fees and allowance. He has abandoned the one I struggled to pay for because of what the cultists did to him.”

It was reported that the two undergraduates, who lived together in a hostel in the First Gate area of Ikorodu, went to charge their phones at a neighbour’s house close to their hostel.

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On returning, a caretaker, named Ramadan, who was with a suspected cultist, beckoned on them.

Ramadan allegedly abandoned them in the hands of the cultist, who instructed them to follow him to a house where they were forcefully initiated.

One of the victims said; “The cultists started beating and slapping us; they ordered us to kneel and we became scared. Later on, the older man forcefully gave us something to eat and after we ate it, he poured alcohol into his mouth and spat in our eyes. It was so painful that we screamed for help, but there was no one to help.

“They later told us to open our eyes and when we opened them and no longer felt the pain of the alcohol, they started saying we were now Eiye cultists.

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“They said we should no longer be afraid and that if anyone did anything to us, we should let them know. The caretaker later met us there.”

Ramadan had denied the allegations, saying he saw the victims on the day of the incident but had no knowledge of the initiation.

A councillor in the community vouched for the caretaker, saying he wouldn’t do such a thing.

When our correspondent tried to reach Ramadan on Sunday for reaction, his two telephone numbers were switched off.