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Missing ladies: Celine, Afiba may still be alive, suspect’s friend claims


The tragic case of Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh, two women who went missing after visiting a man named Andrew Ochekwo in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, has taken a new turn as Andrew Ochekwo’s friend, Ben Samuels has indicated that the girls may still alive.

Mr Samuels publicly criticized activist Harrison Gwamnishu in a viral video who intailly brought the attention of the public to the missing girls.

In his video, Samuels made several accusations against Harrison, claiming, “This is a petition that has gone to the IG office. You are not interested in the girls; that is why you went to identify fake bodies. You are part of the people, the information that we are getting, you need to come out clear.”

He further questioned Harrison’s actions by asking, “You told Nigerians that 80 million left Andrew’s account. Who did you transfer it to?”

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Samuels also questioned the integrity of Harrison’s investigation methods, stating, “Why did you go to the house without cameras? You said Celine’s phone was found, but you did not video.”

He raised doubts about the fate of the missing women by saying, “We are still gathering evidence. Those girls may still be alive.”

He also accused Harrison of hacking his WhatsApp and suggested corruption by asking, “How did you find the body? You are getting exposed. Those officers and you are going down.”

Samuels expressed his distrust in Harrison’s handling of the case, saying, “Harrison is not doing any charity. Harrison provided the POS guy that received the money and did transfer to the police. Harrison has suddenly turned around and brought the money in cash. Instead of handing over the case to the police, let the police investigate it. Let the EFCC investigate it.”

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Celine Ndudim, a Nigerian, and Afiba Tandoh, a Ghanaian, went missing after visiting Andrew Ochekwo, whom they met on Facebook. They traveled from Port Harcourt to Aba on April 27, 2024. Following their visit, they were allegedly held hostage and later declared missing. A video posted by Celine on Facebook, showing her enjoying a meal at a high-class restaurant, sparked emotional reactions from social media users.

Andrew Ochekwo, the prime suspect, died in police custody on June 6, 2024, while being transferred from Aba to Abuja. The circumstances of his death remain unclear, with reports suggesting he was shot while trying to escape.

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Harrison Gwamnishu, an activist, has been heavily involved in the case, collecting evidence and urging the police to conduct thorough investigations. He announced the discovery of a decomposed body, wrapped in a curtain similar to one found in Andrew’s residence. DNA testing is being conducted to determine if it is one of the missing women.

Gwamnishu has also called on Nigerians to check on their sisters and stop attacking victims, emphasizing the vulnerability of students and working-class individuals to exploitation. He claims to have documentary evidence of Andrew Ochekwo’s criminal history in the UK and alleged political connections that allowed him to continue committing crimes in Nigeria.