NEXT supermarket fire incident caused by electrical surge - Staff

"The fire was caused by an electrical surge."
Next Cash 'N' Carry Supermarket

Next Cash 'N' Carry Supermarket

The fire that engulfed the Next Cash 'N' Carry supermarket located in the Jahi area of Abuja was caused by an electrical surge.

The fire is said to have started from the first floor of the building around 8am Sunday.

One of the staff of the supermarket who mentioned the cause of the fire to journalists accused the fire service of getting to the scene late.

He said, "The fire started around 8 and we called the fire service who did not arrive on time. We made attempt to put out the fire but we couldn't find the key to the fire truck stationed at the supermarket, the fire won't have escalated if they had arrived on time.

"The fire was caused by an electrical surge."

The FCT Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations , Ben Igwe said the police were there to ensure the place is adequately secured.

He added that the place was baridcaded to discourage hoodlums from looting the store.

Igwe said the cause of the fire cannot be immediately accertained.

The FCT fire service, Federal Fire Service, the Fire unit of the Nigerian Navy and Guards brigade , and fire trucks from Julius Berger are still on ground trying to quench the fire.

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