My kidnappers identified as Boko Haram members from Niger – Ondo man

My kidnappers identified as Boko Haram members from Niger – Ondo man

A kidnap victim, Idowu Ajayi, has said that the gunmen who abducted him identified themselves as Boko Haram members from Niger Republic and Chad.

In an interview, Ajayi narrated his experience in gunmen’s den and the ordeals of relatives, who secured his release.

According to him, he was kidnapped along the Ikole-Ijesa Isu road at 4:30pm on March 14.

“I went to Ijesha Isu from Ikole to assist my mum to carry yams which was already by the roadside. I picked them and was on my way back when it happened. I got to a bad portion of the road, where I had to compulsorily slow down.

“They told me they were not ritualists, but kidnappers. They were Fulani men from Nigeria, Niger and Mali, according to them. Two of them could speak pidgin English fluently.

“They had about four large capacity power banks with which they charged their phones, they carried bags and had charms on their body. They had four AK-47 rifles and one double-barrel gun.

“They told my people to comply with them, that they were Boko Haram. When my people asked what was expected of them, the gunmen said my people should bring N30m.

“My family members pleaded with them, I pleaded too. They said I was using a big car and asked me of my occupation. The car I drove was Toyota Sienna. I realised they were attracted to big cars because they did not stop the commercial vehicles that were ahead of my car that day. They said they saw me when I passed some minutes earlier but only that they had yet to position themselves then.”

Ajayi later said the gunmen released him when his family raised N2.5million naira.

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