How trigger-happy policeman killed football fan in Abuja recreation spot
Emmanuel Samuel

How trigger-happy policeman killed football fan in Abuja recreation spot

The family of a 34-year-old football fan, Emmanuel Samuel, have revealed how a trigger-happy policeman allegedly shot him at a recreation spot in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The PUNCH reports that the deceased and his fiancée and friends had gone to watch a football match on Sunday, July 11, but on their way out of the bar, Samuel was shot in the leg for cautioning the policeman against accidental discharge.

According to the deceased's sister, Veronica Samuel, Emmanuel was denied medical attention at a hospital in the area because they couldn't present a police report.

The police reportedly threatened to handcuff Emmanuel when they approached a station for the report and according to Veronica, her brother passed away eight days later.

"My brother went to watch the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy with his fiancée and friends at the Emperor Garden in Saburi 1, Mopol Barracks. The police went to the place to arrest someone," Veronica said while narrating the incident.

"He was leaving the place at that point in time when he saw one of the policemen cocking his gun and pointing it in his direction. His friends said he told the policeman to be mindful of the way he was pointing the gun to avert accidental discharge which could kill people at the spot. He was leaving when a shot was fired.

"The bullet hit him in his left lap from behind and came out in the front. Immediately, the police fled the scene. His fiancée and others took him to a hospital, but a police report was requested. They went to the police station in the area, but they refused to give a police report and threatened to handcuff my brother, who was in pain.

"Instead of giving us the report, they referred us to an ill-equipped hospital close to the station. They went with us there and said he was in their custody and he would be handcuffed there. We resisted that.

"When we discovered it was getting worse, we took him to the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, where he died on July 19. According to one of the doctors there, he could have been alive if he had better first aid. We went back to report his death at the station, but we were sent away. "

A spokesperson for the FCT police, ASP Mariam Yusuf, said the command was investigating the matter.

Yusuf said, "We are appealing for more information from members of the public on the identity of the person who shot the deceased."

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