How I lost my two-month pregnancy in kidnappers’ den – Afaka Student

How I lost my two-month pregnancy in kidnappers’ den – Afaka Student

Fatima Ibrahim Shamaki, a victim of the recent spate of kidnappings in Kaduna State, has narrated how she lost a two months pregnancy while in captivity.

Shamaki, who is one of the 37 abducted but recently freed students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka in Kaduna State, has been reunited with her husband after her freedom earlier this week.

WUZUPNIGERIA reported that the students were abducted from their dormitories on March 11, 2021; they would spend over 50 days in captivity before their release.

Shamaki explained that though their kidnappers constantly asked who among the female students was pregnant, she hid her condition from them over fears she may be harmed.

She, however, lost the pregnancy due to the stress she and others endured in captivity.

"I was scared because anytime some of us say we are ill, they will imply that they will just 'finish' the person. So I felt knowing my condition, they may decide to harm me," she said in a Daily Trust report. "I relied on my fellow female students to help me during the period. We all helped one another even during the monthly cycle, we would tear out our wrappers to help one another."

According to her, their captors made them trek deep into the forest for many hours, changed their locations about four times and constantly torture them.

She added none of the female captives was sexually molested.

"While we were in the forest, we slept in the open; under trees and we saw a lot of monkeys and hyenas, there were cattle too but they belonged to the bandits," she said, adding that the bandits gave them drugs such as Buscopan to relieve stomach cramps.

It is, however, double grief for the college of forestry student, who also lost her father, Ibrahim, while in captivity.

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