Hospital electrician who raped 99 corpses admits killing two women

The necrophiliac(Fuller) was said to have used Facebook to track down the people he'd defiled in order to learn about their lives.
Hospital electrician who raped 99 corpses admits killing two women
David Fuller

A 67-year-old necrophiliac identified as David Fuller has pleaded guilty to the murder of two women and having sex with their bodies.

Fuller, a hospital electrician, who is facing trial in the United Kingdom was said to have defiled at least 99 corpses in hospital mortuaries - including children as young as nine and as old as 100.

The killings of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in their Kent flats in 1987 were one of the UK's longest unsolved double homicide cases in crimes known as the Bedsit Murders.

According to UK Sun, Fuller, who appeared before a court today, was faced with the murder charges again, pulled down his mask and replied "guilty" to both.

Both women lived alone in ground-floor flats less than a mile apart in Tunbridge Wells (2 miles from where Fuller lived with his then-wife) and worked in the town - although they didn't know each other.

Knell was found dead in her bloodstained bed on the morning of June 23, 1987.

There were signs of blunt force trauma to her head, and she'd been strangled. Detectives found evidence of a vile sexual assault carried out after her death.

Pierce, 20, went missing after being dropped off by a taxi outside her home on November 24 that year and her naked body was later discovered in a water-filled dyke at St Mary-in-the-Marsh on December 15, 1987.

The publication added that neighbours allegedly heard "high-pitched screams of terror".

Fuller was exposed when disgusted cops found four hard drives packed with millions of indecent images and videos of "unimaginable depravity".

The files include his own acts of necrophilia, carried out in two mortuaries while he worked for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

The necrophiliac(Fuller) was said to have used Facebook to track down the people he'd defiled in order to learn about their lives.

The publication added that the spree of crimes went on from 2008 to November 2020.

Although British law permits the law a maximum of just two years in prison for Fuller's abuse of female corpses, he is likely to face a whole life for Knell and Pierce's murders.

Fuller has already admitted 51 other offences, including 44 charges relating to dead victims.

Charges include the sexual penetration of a corpse, possessing an extreme pornographic image involving sexual interference with a corpse and taking indecent images of children.

One charge alone relates to 25 deceased females.

Fuller is said to be held currently at London's high-security Belmarsh Prison and his sentencing will now take place at a later date

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Duncan Aitkinson QC said specially-trained officers are helping all victims' families through the "very difficult task" of preparing statements on the impact.

Libby Clark of the CPS said today: "David Fuller’s deeply distressing crimes are unlike any other I have encountered in my career and unprecedented in British legal history.

“This highly dangerous man has inflicted unimaginable suffering on countless families and he has only admitted his long-held secrets when confronted with overwhelming evidence.

“Fuller, with his uncontrolled sense of sexual entitlement, treated Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce with extreme depravity. Both women were simply at home or returning from work when he ambushed them.

“Their families never gave up on achieving justice even when all hope seemed lost. My thoughts are with them today and all the families of women and girls whose lives have been cut short by senseless violence.

“Fuller’s appalling crimes did not end with these killings and he went on to abuse his position of trust as a hospital electrician in the most grotesque manner imaginable.

“No British court has ever seen abuse on this scale against the dead before and I have no doubt he would still be offending to this day had it not been for this painstaking investigation and prosecution.”

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