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Men, don’t date ladies out of your league – Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson


Ghanaian actress and producer, Lydia Forson, has advised single folks to cut their coat according to their clothes when choosing a partner.

The Ghollywood star took to Twitter to share the thought-provoking advice.

She told men to stop chasing ladies who are clearly interested in wealthy men if they can’t afford it.

She also advised women to stop worrying about men who can’t afford their lifestyle.

According to her, everyone should stay within their lane.

She wrote,

“People, Let’s all cut our coat according to our sizes. If you can’t afford it don’t go after girls who’re clearly about the money- it’s not by force. And ladies stop worrying men you know can’t take care of you the way you want. Make we all dey our lane…”


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See her post below;

Reacting to her post,  @antiaye82 wrote;

“Simplest thing a man can do but some of my brothers because of too known will never accept this, rather call the woman as demanding. Even if your wife expenses exceeds want you can provide advise yourself.”

@kwame_Anderz wrote;

“But sometimes the coat must be big so u can fit in it for a very long time. We can’t be buying new coat anytime we gain weight oo”

@letibotchway wrote;

What happened to work and happiness. There’s joy and liberty in it oo

@Dan7waffi wrote;

Ladies should start taking care of themselves the way they want, Because Husband may NEVER come

@ben_mingle wrote;

How we perceive Relationship in this part of the world de3, Jesus koraaa cannot can… It’s like once a lady accepts your proposal, you automatically assume the position of her father and have to provide everything she wants even what her father has not owned before…funny

@Incorruptibleg9 wrote;

It is a way of testing your seriousness. If you are not serious, giveway for others. Do you know the kind of stress it takes to accept a guy’s proposal? You think only your application is on the table? Africa is how we are. You can now out for serious guys to take over.


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