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10 killed, many trapped as church roof collapses in Mexico


A church roof collapse in Mexico has claimed the lives of at least ten people, leaving around 20 others trapped beneath the rubble.

The tragic event unfolded in Ciudad Madero, a coastal city in the state of Tamaulipas, during a Sunday mass at the Santa Cruz church.

Local media reports stated that a baptism was taking place when the roof suddenly gave way, sending bricks, concrete, and steel support structures crashing down on the worshippers.

In total, around 100 people were inside the church at the time of the incident.

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The state security spokesperson’s office said late Sunday that ten people had been confirmed dead from the collapse, which was likely caused by “a structural failure.”

Amidst the chaos, desperate rescue efforts began immediately, with people from the community arriving with shovels and pickaxes to assist in clearing the debris.

The bishop of the diocese of Tampico, José Armando Álvarez Cano, addressed the situation via social media, expressing solidarity with the affected community and stating that efforts were underway

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“Thanks to divine providence and the work of the rescue teams, people have been pulled out alive! Let’s keep praying!”

Bishop José Armando Alvarez urged the community to contribute wood to support the church’s roof as rescue teams continued their efforts.

Rescue operations continued late into the night, with search teams crawling under the collapsed roof slabs, aided by search dogs.

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The Tamaulipas state police, National Guard, state civil defense office, and the Red Cross were all involved in the massive rescue operation.

A list of approximately 50 individuals who had been hospitalized due to the incident, including a four-month-old baby, although their conditions were not immediately available.

The Mexican Council of Bishops has also issued a statement extending their prayers to the victims of the tragedy.