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Man under pressure to repay loan he lavished on wedding


A Twitter user who was simply identified as ‘Irun Mole’ has shared a story of how his colleague at work, who earns N120,000 borrowed N800,000 to fund his wedding.

According to him, the said colleague secured a loan of N300,000 from the office funds.

Although the loan was expected to be paid back in 12 months, he reached an agreement for N50,000 to be deducted consistently from his monthly salary.

In what he described as shocking, the Twitter user disclosed that his colleague borrowed another N500,000 from a microfinance bank for the same purpose.

He had hoped that the guests he invited for the wedding reception would shower him with enough cash and gifts that can offset his debts.

As it turned out, he generated no substantial cash despite repeated calls despite repeated pleas from the frustrated compere at the ceremony.

What he got instead were gas cylinders, plates, spoons, turning sticks among others.

‘The man is in serious pain because he is indebted and had to pay off his debts in 12 months. But he still owes Mc and few others,” the tweep said.

He subsequently confessed that the reason why he spent lavishly for the wedding was because of his mother-in-law.
My colleague claimed she berated him prior to the wedding, “When I gave birth to your wife, they told us she is a ‘noisy’ child. So everything we do must be with fun fare and loudness”.

The Twitter user further decried that the shop he rented for his wife was empty as there was no money to restock and feed fine.

He disclosed that the couple is currently struggling to pay off the debts.

See what he wrote below;