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Man proposes to ‘friend’ shortly after breaking up with girlfriend of five years


A Nigerian man has broken up with his girlfriend of five years, to propose to a lady he always claimed was just a friend.

According to the Twitter user, @girllkikekandyy who shared the heartbreaking story on Twitter, the man was in a relationship with her sister for five years and usually talked about getting married to her and even met with the family.

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Kandyy further revealed that her sister’s boyfriend of five years randomly sent her a breakup text and then proposed to his “friend” less than a month later.

It was alleged that the man usually posts the woman he’s now engaged to, but never posted her sister on social media.

When asked, he said he’s a private person.

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Her tweet reads,

“My heart breaks for my sister,Dating a guy for 5 years. He met the family and all.
Even spoke about marriage several times. Randomly he sent her a text less than a month ago while still in the relationship. We woke up today and he has proposed to the girl yesterday.

“He has been posting her since before and claiming she was a friend and did a whole public proposal, but didn’t for once for 5 years post my sister on any socials and said it’s because he was private. It’s not that major but it’s really the little things.”