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Man in tears as girlfriend of five years is set to marry abroad returnee in 16 days


A Nigerian man is presently heartbroken as he has just been served a ‘three-course meal’ from the IJGB menu list.

For those who don’t know, IJGB is a popular Nigerian acronym for ‘I Just Got Back’ used to refer to young and wealthy Nigerians who are based overseas and mostly come back home for the Christmas holidays.

Their return to Nigeria in December most times comes with apprehension for young men and women based in Nigeria.

Social media users believe during the period of their return – December, most guys lose their longterm love partners while ladies may also likely lose their fiance to the returnees who flaunt wealth and shutdown clubs to intimidate their home-based contemporaries.

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Well, the period is here and the fears are being confirmed already.

A Twitter user identified simply as Buchi narrated how his friend has been left devastated after the lady he has been dating for five years announced to him on Wednesday that she would be getting married on December 29 to an ‘IJGB’ who just returned from Russia.

He said he is more saddened by the development because he introduced the youngman to the lady during the guy’s industrial training and they’ve been together since then.

Buchi said the lady claimed she took the decision due to parental pressure.

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He tweeted:

“My Guy is fucked up! His babe for 5years is getting married to one foolish IJGB come December 29th and she just told him Yesterday and Man was crying telling me on the Phone! He taking up his leave and travelling out for 1month because he can’t stand it! I did the Link up

“I had to Whatapp her Yesterday and she invited me to the wedding and I was so close to insulting her using words like “She loves him but Family pressure”!! My guy is comfortable and the relest guy I know and it hurts me to see him cry to a girl I toasted for him back then!!”

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He added:

“IJGB are rich Igbo guys based in Russia! They get plenty money from Russia oil business.”


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See his tweet: