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All the decent village girls are wearing leg chains, fixing eyelashes, man in search of wife laments


A Nigerian man who went to the village to look for a decent girl he could take as a wife has lamented after he found out that village girls now wear leg chains and pierce their noses.
Bede Nnamdi Nwulu took to social media to make his observation public.
He lamented over the unavailability of decent girls in the village to settle down with, adding that all the ones he knew before are now wearing leg chains and have joined the slay queens gang.
Nnamdi took to his Facebook page to narrate how he travelled to his hometown in search of a wife, but on getting to his village, he noticed that some of the girls he knew before that were decent are now fixing eyelashes and wearing bum shorts.
In his words;
”Almost all the decent village girls I used to know back then in the village are now wearing leg chains, fixing heavy eye lashes, and wearing bum shorts.
Some have even changed the color of their hair from black to gold, and some have already pierced more than 3 holes on their ears and nostrils…..and I came to the village to look for a wife!
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