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LP rejects purported salary raise for politicians


The Labour Party has rejected the proposed salary raise for President Bola Tinubu and other public office holders, calling it unacceptable and unjustifiable.

The party’s spokesman, Obiora Ifoh, said the proposed pay raise is coming at a time when ordinary Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet, and when the government should be focusing on reducing waste and improving the quality of lives of its citizens.

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Ifoh said it is sad that the Tinubu administration, which was preaching to Nigerians to embrace belt-tightening measures and calling for patience, is the same administration pushing for increases in the perks of office for political office holders.

He said, “This is happening at a time when ordinary Nigerians, especially hard-working citizens under the umbrella of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress, are demanding living wages without a positive response.

This is also at a time when the ill-conceived and ill-timed removal of fuel subsidy has increased hardship among ordinary Nigerians.”

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The Party also stated that the administration should be talking about improving the quality of lives of ordinary Nigerians and cutting waste in government and not increment