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Lagos wigmaker breaks GWR with 351-meter hand-made wig


A skilled wigmaker from Lagos, Helen Williams has secured her place in the Guinness World Records by crafting the world’s longest handmade wig, measuring an astonishing 351.28 meters (1,152 ft 5 in).

Helen dedicated 11 days and over two million naira (£2,031; $2,493) to create this extraordinary wig, catching the attention of Guinness World Records who acknowledged her achievement in their official “X” account acknowledged her achievement, stating, “Helen Williams from Lagos, Nigeria has achieved a new record for the longest handmade wig which stretches an incredible 351.28 metres (1,152 ft 5 in).”

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To bring this feat to life, Helen constructed the underlay with wig-cap netting and black fabric attached to a bicycle helmet.

The completion of the hairpiece involved using 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 cans of hair spray, 35 tubes of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips.

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the process, Helen shared, “Finding the materials to make the longest wig was not an easy task. My experience as a wigmaker helped a lot.”

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“Despite having eight years of professional experience and producing 50 to 300 wigs per week, crafting this record-breaking wig presented its own set of challenges.”

“At some point, I felt exhausted,” she admitted. “However, friends and family encouraged me. I did not want to let them down, so I maintained my focus. The outcome is the longest handmade wig in the world.”

According to Helen, one of the significant challenges she encountered was finding a suitable venue to lay out the wig in a straight line for accurate measurement.

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After several attempts at various venues, she opted for the Lagos–Abeokuta Expressway, a long road connecting the cities of Lagos and Abeokuta.

Having accomplished this remarkable feat, the extraordinary wig now resides in Helen’s office, where she welcomes anyone interested to come and admire it “whenever they want to.”

Overjoyed by her inclusion in the Guinness World Records, Helen expressed her happiness, stating, “it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I still cannot believe it.”