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Lady pulls deaf and dumb stunt to short pay Lagos bus conductor who hiked fare


Bus conductor

Lagos commercial bus is another home of dramatic events in Nigeria’s most populous city. When passengers are not fighting the driver or conductor over reckless driving or hike in fare, they are fighting themselves.

When there are not fightings happening inside the bus, another scene to behold is drivers slugging it out with themselves on the highway, raining curses on each other as they struggle to outsmart themselves over the right of way.

Take away the notorious traffic, it’s never a dull moment on Lagos roads, especially for those who board commercial buses, there is always a story to tell at the end of the trip.

A lady took to Twitter recently to share her hilarious experience in a commercial bus plying Gbagada – Oshodi route.

In a series of tweets via her handle @celebritykillz, she said commuters were stranded at Gbagada bus stop waiting for a bus to Oshodi, but there were no buses available due to gridlock.

As usual in Lagos, transport fares are jerked up by commercial motorists whenever there is gridlock or a downpour, the lady said after standing for a long time at the bus stop, the only bus available increased the fare from the usual N100 to N200. They were left with no choice but to board the bus.

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While the conductor was asking for fare from the passengers, a woman in the bus pulled a deaf and dumb stunt and paid the normal fare of N100.

The enraged conductor was helpless and started ranting and none of the passengers intervened.

She tweeted:

“So this afternoon there was a massive traffic jam at Gbagada to Oshodi. There was no bus at all, the one we managed to see said #200 from new garage to oshodi. The price was crazy but I didn’t have a choice so I hopped in. And so the lady behind me

“When we were seated she asked me if I had #100 note I said no. When the conductor asked her for her money, oboy, the woman brought out #100 and started forming deaf and dumb. Jesus is Lord! The conductor weak.

“The conductor started looking around to see who to complain to, everyone dey mind their business jejely my guy came down and was shouting on the road.

“Me self no fit cast the woman plus I wasn’t happy with the amount he took from us, so I was busy pressing my phone and made sure I did not laugh

“The man collected the 100 bucks from her and sat down quietly after no one came to his rescue. Man!! I have never seen anything funnier in my life.”