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‘The shame I felt,’ lady narrates experience with her friend’s boyfriend


A young lady a few days ago took to twitter to show her regret over what she said to her friend’s partner.

The lady who goes by the username @6kenza took to her page to narrate the horrible thing she said to her friend’s lover even though, it was done unknowingly.

The story goes like this:

@6kenza said she and her friend were going for a hangout with friend’s babe. In the car, the boyfriend turned to a music track. She wasn’t comfortable with the track as she described it as a “shitty track”.

She didn’t waste time making the guy know that the music is trash and implored him to change it to another track. But Alas! That shitty music was actually sung by her friend’s boyfriend.

So, inevitably, she had called his music “shit” to his face and she had described what she felt afterwards as the biggest shame of her life.


See screenshot of her post below;