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Lady ends five-year love affair after boyfriend slapped her



A lady has narrated a heartbreaking encounter on how she was forced to end a five-year relationship with her boyfriend.

The lady identified as @mfundofelix on Twitter shared that she visited her friends whom she spent some time having fun with.

She explained that on her return home, her boyfriend assaulted her while demanding an explanation of her whereabouts.
@mfundofelix noted that she found his action shocking and unacceptable.

According to her, she no longer visited him as she used to after the incident and vowed to put an end to the five-year-old relationship.

Here’s what she tweeted;

“Today my relationship of 5 years came to an end, nobody cheated, but I was not whole and I didn’t see him the same way I used to see him, the fact that he raised a hand on me just because I went out my friends says a lot, not gonna say much, but I’m done.”

See the tweet below: