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Kenyans hail clergyman, Rev Wainaina, for blasting President Kenyatta over corruption


Kenyans on Twitter have hailed a clergyman, Rev Sammy Wainaina, the provost of the All Saints Cathedral, for blasting President Uhuru Kenyatta over corruption.

According to local media, the president recently admitted that corruption is wreaking havoc under his nose, by saying that Kenya was losing more than two billion shillings ($18m; £13m) a day to corruption.

Angered by the comment, Wainaina, in a Sunday sermon that has since gone viral on Twitter, asked if the president was conceding defeat.

According to the clergyman, it is either the government knows the thieves in the country of they themselves are the thieves.

“What are you telling Kenyans when you confess that? That you are defeated? Who will then save this country if the president cannot save us?” he asked.

“Mr President, you have the ethics and anti-corruption commission, you have the director of public prosecutions, you have the national intelligence service, you have every government machinery at your disposal.

“Either the government knows who is stealing the Kenyans’ money, or the government is part of the stealing?” he said, adding that he would no longer host politicians in his church.

The clergyman who did not limit his criticism also had a snippet for the country’s politicians when he slammed the ongoing campaign to change Kenya’s constitution that will see the post of a prime minister and deputies reintroduced in the executive arm of government.

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He opined that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) would not solve the country’s urgent problems like unemployment and poverty.

“We have money for BBI which will only benefit a few people at the top, the kingpins… but we have no money to build schools, then our children [are forced ] to learn under trees,” he said.

“Let me remind Kenyans that when your tribal man becomes the president or takes the five top seats, you will remain poor,” he added.

Local media reports that the BBI proposals have deeply divided the country and heightened political campaigns in the country.

Politicians opposing and supporting the initiative have been crisscrossing the country to make their case to the public ahead of an expected referendum.

Meanwhile, the clergyman has since concluded that politicians “will never access” All Saints Cathedral podium, urging other church leaders to close their churches to politicians.

His comments have since gone viral on Twitter as Kenyans, as well as popular Kenyan media, including NTV Kenya and KBC Channel1 News, are retweeting the videos and quotes from the sermon.

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See reactions from Kenyans on Twitter below:

One user with the username @gabrieloguda opined that the clergyman deserves a national award for his comments.

“Rev. Cannon Sammy Wainaina must be declared a National Treasure under the National Museums and Heritage Act, and his Monument erected at every road junction all over the country,” Oguda tweeted.

Another user, @ToshNdunguKE, tweeted: “Canon Rev. SAMMY WAINAINA the priest we want.The church we want. Dr. Archbishop David Gitari reincarnate. That’s the status of the All Saint Cathedral pulpit. That pulpit is a SYMBOL of our LIBERTY, and it represents the struggle we have taken since 1992 SABA SABA day.”

@NelsonHavi hoped that Rev. Wainaina’s comments will get to president Kenyatta. He said, “I hope President Uhuru Kenyatta has heard what Reverend Sammy Wainaina has said as the mouth of God and the spokesperson of the People of Kenya.”

While another user, @Kimutu_Kikubwa, replied thus: “Rev. Sammy Wainaina reminds me of late Bishop Muge, courageous and able to tell the King “YOU ARE NAKED”

“Whoever pays the piper, calls the tune” It isn’t God calling the tune in Kenyan churches. Politicians are paying the piper. Proud of my church, proud of my Rev. Sammy Wainaina,” @TeresahAtieno tweeted.