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Kenyan woman names triplets after Arsenal footballers


A Kenyan woman named her newborn triplets after her favorite football club’s players – Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Magalhães, and Gabriel Jesus.

Epa Kan, an ardent supporter of Arsenal, welcomed the three babies in Kakuma, Turkana county.

The news gained widespread attention when a photo of an Arsenal die-hard fan, Emma, posing on a hospital bed with the newborns went viral on social media.

Emma clarified that she was not the mother but had taken the photos and shared them online, unaware they would garner such attention.

“She lives near the Kakuma Refugee camp. She is happy. At least a few people have come through for her, and she was grateful. She lives in a remote area and is the breadwinner of her family,” Emma explained.

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Despite the joyous occasion, Epa’s husband, who is physically challenged, faced challenges visiting the newborns in the hospital due to lack of means.

Moved by the situation, Arsenal die-hard supporters from Turkana county rallied to visit Epa in the hospital, providing donations and essential items.

Epakan Ekaale, the mother of the triplets, resides in a small traditional hut with her mother and three other children, struggling with poverty and living conditions.

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Her husband, a livestock herder, has not been able to offer support due to their unique relationship and his nomadic lifestyle.

To assist Epa, Arsenal fans initiated a fundraiser, collecting money to purchase baby formula, diapers, clothing, and other necessities. The fans also contributed towards supporting Epa during her recovery period.

“The day she delivered, doctors called me because they were wondering how she would be helped. I looked at them and decided to quickly find a way to assist because the children were hungry and crying throughout,” said Emma.

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Epa expressed gratitude to those who assisted her and allowed Arsenal fans to name her triplets. The newborns were named after Arsenal’s trio of players – Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus, and Gabriel Magalhães.

“As fans, we cannot play so we have to use the fanbase to help the community. So far by Thursday evening, we had raised Ksh20,000 from Kenyans, but we need more,” shared Emma, highlighting the ongoing need for support.