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Kano State governor Abba Yusuf to appeal tribunal verdict


Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf has announced his intention to appeal the recent governorship election tribunal’s ruling invalidating his election victory and declared the APC candidate, Nasiru Yusuf Gawauna, the new winner.

In a televised address to the citizens on Wednesday evening, Governor Yusuf expressed his determination to contest the decision in the Court of Appeal to regain the mandate bestowed upon him by the people of the state.

He urged the residents of Kano State to remain calm and uphold the rule of law, assuring them that security forces have been instructed to ensure the safety of lives and property. Governor Yusuf affirmed his commitment to continuing the developmental efforts initiated during his tenure, undeterred by the tribunal’s verdict.

Let me assure you that the this government would continue to work for the development of the people of the state as the judgement will never dampen our spirit or discourage us from the good work we have started.” he said.

Furthermore, the Governor extended his gratitude to the people of the state for their unwavering support and cooperation, encouraging them to carry on with their daily activities as usual.