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Jenny’s Glow sues VeryDarkBlackMan, Meta, TikTok over ‘defamation’


Jenny's Glow sues VeryDarkBlackMan, Meta, TikTok over 'defamation'

In a recent turn of events, Igbinoba Jennifer owner of Jenny’s Glow skincare has taken legal action against VeryDarkBlackMan, Tiktok, and Instagram, seeking a substantial sum of 500 million naira as damages for defamation.

The dispute which rose from contentious interactions and statements made on social media platforms about the authenticity of Genny’s Glow products. 

VeryDarkBlackMan real name Martins Black Vincent , alongside Amaka Duru who who sparked the initially incident and tthe platform Meta and Tiktok, have been named as defendants in this lawsuit.

Jenny’s Glow demanded from VeryDarkBlackMan and Amaka Duru the sum 500 million naira for defamation “for exemplary and aggravated damages for false, malicious and deframatory statement published against the claimant (Jenny’s Glow) on various social media platforms which caused the claimant (Jenny’s Glow) damage” 

The suit read that the defendants are “ commanded that within 14 days after service of the writ” to present themselves in court either personally or through legal presenation. 

In responseVeryDarkBlackMan ridiculed the suit, said he has no money to pay such suit “I kuku no get money, how I wan take pay you” 

He also he said he is supposed to be the one suing her along with others who claimed Jenny’s Glow product caused them harm. 

The outcome of this case will be eagerly awaited by many as Jenny’s Glow is yet to end her debacle with the National Agency of Food and Drug Adminstration and Control over her unregistered products and VeryDarkBlackMan’s accusations.


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