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JangebeGirls: Northern elites at fault for insecurity, says Adamu Garba


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Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, has blamed the northern elites for the increase in insecurity in the region.

Garba made the disclosure of Friday while reacting to the abduction of about 300 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School Jangebe in Talata-Mafara Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Recall that two weeks ago, some bandits carted away with scores of students and staff members of Government Science College in Kagara, Niger State, coming amidst tensions in the country as a result of the unchecked activities of bandits and terrorists due to numerous abductions and attacks.

Reacting in a three-thread tweet, Adamu revealed that the Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram, was also birthed as a result of social neglect, ruling out ideology as the main reason behind their acts of terrorism.

Adamu stated that bullets can’t correct the problem caused by banditry, adding that even the United State’s Department of Defence can’t fix the issue of banditry in Nigeria with firepower.

He however urged that the only way to fix the problem, the deep neglect and injustice which has reached a point of betrayal, is to get into the mud to fix the problems.

Adamu tweeted: “We can stay here and keep trending #RescueJangebeGirls #Rescue*****, as long as we refuse to accept that the insecurity in the North is pushed by the high level of injustice by the northern elite against the ordinary people, not even U.S DoD can fix this issue with bullets.

“It is in all available records that Boko Haram emerged 90% out of social neglect than ideology. It seems we haven’t learn a lesson. Instead of us to try & correct the problem, we went with state power to fight & kill. Govt, yet again think using bullets will solve banditry. Sad

“The political elites can keep pretending. But as long as the deep level of neglect & injustice has reached a point of betrayal of trust. We may continue to witness security issues to the point where our armed forces will get tired. We must get into the mud & fix our problems.”