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Israeli health minister says forging vaccination pass can lead to imprisonment


Israeli health minister Yuli Edelstein, on Thursday, warned that forging a vaccination certificate, dubbed a “green pass” in Israel, could lead to imprisonment.

“I want to say whoever thinks this is child’s play and prints out a vaccination certificate at home will eventually get caught, and this pastime will end also in prison,” Channel 11 television quoted Yuli Edelstein as saying.

“Today, we present a giant message for the inoculated,” the health minister told a news conference in Jerusalem.

“This is how the first stage of your return to – almost – normal life will be,” he added.

“Inoculated, and also recovered (Israelis) can, as early as of Sunday, go to gyms, theatres, travel to hotels, to performances, and also to synagogues that will register as those using the ‘green pass.’”

Edelstein, of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, added that certain places of work would demand of their employees either to get vaccinated or else to perform a Coronavirus (COVID-19) test every 48 hours.

“It’s our duty to protect the health of the public in its entirety,” he said.

Netanyahu’s coronavirus cabinet on Monday night approved a plan to gradually lift restrictions following a third nationwide lockdown.

More school grades will open starting on Sunday, in line with a traffic-light system that labels cities green, yellow, orange, and red according to their rates of coronavirus infections.

Shopping centres, markets, high street shops, museums, libraries, and synagogues will also open on Sunday, in accordance with strict regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Israel has seen 5,486 COVID-19 related deaths.