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#iPhone13: Consider those who buy Apple products with ‘Clitocurrency’ – Nigerians react


Word on the streets suggests that Apple is set to make a massive upgrade to iPhone 12  with the release of a sleek looking iPhone 13 which is unbelievably coming after the former was released about five months ago.

While there is a growing list of teething problems (including some with medical implications) on the iPhone 12, Forbes reports that the iPhone 13 is set to make up for the lapses of its other sibling, however, no one can anticipate the latter’s entire problems just yet.

Though Apple has not made an official announcement or denouncement on the new device, hugely popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApple Pro) teamed up with influential leaker Max Weinbach to reveal multiple upgrades Apple is reportedly making with the iPhone 13.

Weinbach tells Koroy that the giant company will make upgrades to the iPhone 13 Pro models’ design which may not be too distinct form the iPhone 12. There will also be upgrades to the display and photography of the iPhone 13 and more.

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This, according to Forbes, is in addition to the already known upgrade from Apple to reduce the notch (even if removing it entirely looks a long way off), introduce next-gen 5G modems with global coverage and reduced battery drain, incorporate a ’disruptive’ new WiFi standard and increase storage while in-display Touch ID is hotly tipped to be added alongside Face ID for more mask-friendly security.

Away from the technicalities, Twitter NG has been thrown in a frenzy ever since the buzz came out that the iPhone 12 is getting a new sibling and the iPhone 13 is currently the most chatted topic with over 41.8K Tweets on the bird app at the time of this report.

One user, Bàbàjìdè Blunt – @CRawkeen took a swipe at ladies whose Apple products are funded by their supposed lovers, asking Apple to be more gentle on them as their means of exchange for an iPhone is being overworked.

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He said, “Apple should at least consider people who buy their product with Clitocurrency for God sake, most of them have been to hell and back only to afford iPhone 12 and you are here talking about iPhone 13! You’re putting them through alot. Body will tell naw.”

Another user, @Iamslimfit vowed not to change his iPhone 11 even if Apple upgrade to iPhone 69. “If they like they should release iPhone 13 or even iPhone 69, you see this iPhone 11 ehn, I won’t change it in another 600 Years.”

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