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Impending protest will be worse than EndSARS, Aisha Yesufu warns


Aisha Yesufu, a prominent socio-political activist and one of the key figures in the 2020 nationwide protest known as ‘End SARS,’ has issued a warning about a potentially more devastating protest on the horizon.

The EndSARS movement emerged as a decentralized social movement against police brutality, particularly calling for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a controversial unit within the Nigeria Police.

Yesufu, reflecting on the unpredictability of the EndSARS protests, conveyed her concern about a looming uprising that might catch Nigerians unaware.

In a statement on X, she emphasized the simmering anger in the country, fueled by the perceived impunity and audacity of corrupt politicians and rulers who manipulate their way into power.

“Nobody saw the #EndSARS protest coming. Nobody will see the next uprising coming. Sadly, it might end up being violent. There is a simmering anger fueled by the impunity and brazenness of the corrupt politicians and rulers who have rigged their way into power. Nobody will be spared,” Yesufu stated.