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ICYMI: Harrysong accuses estranged wife of infidelity


Popular Nigerian singer, Harrison Okiri, also known as Harrysong, has recently accused his estranged wife, Alexer Peres, of getting pregnant for another man while they were still married.

The singer accused the wife during a recent Instagram live session on Sunday, alleging that it has been almost a year since they had any intimacy when she informed him of the pregnancy.

Recall their marriage has been going through some crisis after an alleged WhatsApp chat between them surfaced on social media.

The 43-year-old singer said, “My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year. She was pregnant for another man in a marriage.

“The only thing I said was that this setting will not work; you must return to your people. I will need to sit down and get to know you. I got married to her because people said she was a good girl. Then she started acting like a loyal, humble Christian.”

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Harrysong also aimed at Alexer’s family, alleging infidelity within their household.

He added, “Her mother just got married to a sixth or seventh husband, and the same guy is still calling to inform me that the woman is not staying as she has another boyfriend in town. That’s the kind of family I married into.”

In response to his allegations, Alexer, in a separate Instagram live session on Sunday, denied her ex-husband’s allegations of infidelity and urged him to move on.

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She said, “You dey watch film, abi na Nollywood? I don’t understand how you would say that I carried another man’s child when I’m still married to you. I have never cheated on you since we married. I never tried it.”

“I’m not your problem. You said I am not good enough. I’m moving on; you too, move on. The only thing I tell you is to take care of your kids. And now, you’re dragging me, you’re dragging my parents into this. When your own is bad,” she added.

She further claimed that Harrysong was the one cheating in their marriage as she revealed names and details of his alleged affairs.

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In her live session, Alexer accused him of domestic violence. She claimed to have endured “infections” as a result of his infidelity but forgave him repeatedly because she wanted to “build a marriage.”

“But the person I want to build with doesn’t have sense. For four years, you showed me shege. You beat me, but I still stayed.

“Because I want to move on, you’re dragging me. You seized my passport and my children’s passport because you don’t want us to travel, she added.

The duo got married in March 2021 and have two children together but the marriage inadvertently ended January 2024 when Alexer wrote a cryptic message on her Instagram page, “I am done”