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Ibidun Ighodalo reportedly paid three IVF cycles for one family, was going to pay for 40 couples on her 40th birthday



Social media users have revealed that Late Mrs Ibidun Ajayi-Ighodalo reportedly paid for three IVF cycles for one family and was going to pay for 40 couples on her 40th birthday.

Ibidun Ajayi – Ighodalo such a rare gem indeed, she lived a purposeful life worth emulating, she never got tired of helping people, a virtuous woman who impacted the lives of everyone she came in contact with.

Her death which shocked so many has got people talking about how she invested in their joy and happiness.

A social media user @MsAdaO wrote;

I’ve gone through all 1563 of Ibidun’s IG posts twice and saved one video that I watch every other hour

This death is so surreal. I don’t know, this one feels so wrong. We that never met her feel like this, just IMAGINE how her tribe feel. Kai

Ibidun paid for three IVF cycles for one family. The first one ended in a miscarriage, second one was a still born and third one was successful. It wasn’t something she did for the optics, she was invested in other people’s joy and happiness. That’s so RARE.


In a comment, another user revealed that Ibidun Ighodalo was going to pay for 40 couples on her 40th birthday.

She wrote;

and she was going to pay for 40 couples on her 40th birthday next month. she really was an angel

Many more while reacting to this post, shared the many more amazing efforts she put into bringing the joy of parenthood to families.

Even more, she holds the couples’ hands through the process each time. To hear every couple she helped say it, they never felt like they didn’t have her full attention and commitment to their own specific story. That to me is so phenomenal. – @SaloneNaijaTiti

The beauty of doing good things for people without blowing your own trumpet, it end in bringing glory to God without massaging your ego. She lived a good life and may she rest in peace Amen. – @DonnieePatrick

Ibidun Ighodalo is the wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity house church, she died last Sunday, June 14, 2020.