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I turned down sex for help from many men – Sola Allyson


Popular gospel singer, Sola Allyson has revealed that she has, on numerous, occasions been faced with tough decisions when men offered to help her in exchange for sex.

Allyson detailed her experience and struggle in a series of posts on her official Instagram page as she celebrated her birthday on Thursday, September 24.

Growing up as a pub attendant did not do Allyson much good as she has had near molestation experiences at the beer parlour she once worked.

The journey for the spirit-filled gospel musician as she also narrated how a man who was willing to pay her tuition requested sex in exchange.

However, as she grew in the singing business, the stake got higher for her and the toughest battle came when a “big fish” in the industry promised her fame and stardom in exchange for sex in his “slaughter room” after recording late into the night.

But the unnamed individual didn’t expect Allyson to reject his offer. The love lounge soon turned into a battlefield as she struggled her way out of the situation.

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My birthday is tomorrow!💃 My last story for now… 😊👇 We went to shoot the video of a particular song we did. The sponsor was a big fish. He was a star-maker at that time. Whoever met him and he liked would blow ni ṣá. He liked me and I just thought it was because of my talent. He would give me extra money, I just thought, "Uncle" tins… The day of the shoot, it ran overnight. I had finished my own part, and I was told Uncle wanted to see me. I thought the room was a costune room o, not until I entered and it was a beautiful room, big bed, AC was blasting, room pre-cooled, table set with choice foods and drinks, all for my "slaughter." Uncle said, "feel free Sola. I really like you and your talent. And after this, I'm going to make sure you become known. Someone like you should not be hidden…" As pé I grew up in a beer parlor and the different experiences I had gone through, I knew his motive, so I knelt down and started begging Uncle."Please sir, I understand what you want to do, but mi ò kíí ṣ'ọmọ bẹ́ẹ̀, ẹ kàn rí mi bẹ́ẹ̀ ni." I am not a child like this even though you found me like this… Uncle refused to hear me o. His body was hard. He was after achieving the slaughtering he'd carefully planned. I noticed nobody came to check us. So Uncle's assistants already knew what would happen!🤒 That's their slaughter room. We began struggling… Ha, I suffered ooo!😪 By that time, I was used to that kind of struggle but Uncle was not. It seemed he "never experred it" that a lady would disagree to be slaughtered by him like that! He wasn't used to struggling like that and maybe because of age too, he got tired quickly. In the middle of it, he was promising me stardom, popularity and fame altogether. But I REFUSED. I know Uncle. Uncle knows me…. It was not long after then that I had my Eji Òwúrọ̀ breakthrough. Imagine if I had agreed for Uncle, the star maker? But I chose to wait for the time of The MAKER of star makers, holding on to the never-changing values… Here I am today. Don't settle! Don't settle! Don't allow darkness shortchange your light's full beaming! Don't give up! Ògo wà l'óòóré! Glory is ahead! #Yóòdáa! ❤️

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“Many instances like that. But I refused. I don’t know what gave me the confidence, hope, or audacity at that time, because, ordinarily, automatically, I should agree. I was expected to agree because I should. But I didn’t, because I just knew that something would happen.

“Imagine if I had slept with him. And others like him. Here I am today,” she said.

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