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I have been sexually harassed, Anto Lecky reveals


Former BBNaija housemate, Antoniette Munirat Lecky aka Anto Lecky, has in a live session revealed how she was sexually harassed by men.

During an Instagram Live session with Linorajj, the Edo State-born reality show star said,

“Yes, I have been sexually harassed. In fact, I think every woman has, because a lot people don’t even know what sexual harassment means. They are so used to it without knowing what it is. Even in the market, at the offices, it happens everyday. Some bosses employ you because of what they see in your body. Some men even undress you with their eyes. That’s sexual harassment. It is important we all stand together and fight against it.

She stated further:

“Some people have wrong perception about me. Some people think I am rude. Some say I am too blunt. But it is what it is. I don’t like lies or faking it. I am a very honest person. I am not unnecessarily nice. I am straight. I tell people the truth most especially on social media. I keep it real. I don’t talk where it is not necessary.”

The Exercise and Sports Science graduate from the University of North Carolina also hinted on what she would have done differently in the Big Brother House if given another chance.

“I wish I can go back to the House and win the money. But I actually went there for people to know and love me for who I am. If I am asked to go back to the House, I won’t do anything differently. Nigerians love kissing, romance in the public, but I am not like that. I am here to make impact through sport, entertainment and tourism. I want to use things that I love to change the world in my own little way,” she said.


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