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I enjoy teasing men with my body, Actress Amara Maduka reveals


Nigerian actress, Amara Maduka has revealed why she loves to flaunt her curvaceous body on social media.

In a conversation with newsmen, Amara disclosed that it is not her wish to display eroticism on social media but it is something essential.

According to the actress, she loves teasing men.

“I didn’t choose the naked life; the naked life chose me. I embraced my body and the part of me that a lot of people are afraid to even confront within themselves. I love eroticism. I take erotic pictures for no reason. The agency got drawn to my content after seeing my page on Instagram and contacted me. They don’t have any model in Africa and they decided I will make a great representative for their brand over here. Despite how much I love erotism, I won’t do porn. I’ve been contacted twice for that with a mouth-watering offer. I love erotic, not sex. I’m a tease. I enjoy teasing men but when they bring out the real deal, I’ll run away.”

She also revealed her interest in taking movie roles that depicts her lifestyle she said;

“The most important for me would be embracing my love for adult content. Starting off my career with comedy and transitioning into a nudist took me a lot and I’m just happy to dance to the rhythm of my soul. I love making comedy movies and I still get offers for roles and most of the producers when we talk, they will go “are you still the funny Amara I worked with the last time?

Because I don’t recognize who I’m seeing these days anymore” and I find that so hilarious. I believe a person can be everything they want to be.

I don’t have to limit myself to a certain persona because people are already accustomed to that. We are divine. We are multidimensional beings. We can do everything and anything; well, I can. I don’t know about others.”

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