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HEALTHY TIPS! How to increase sex drive in men over 40, number six is very easy


Sex for men

Sex drive in a man’s life generally starts around puberty. Puberty is a time that hormones are running high and sexual experimentation has begun.

For men who generally want to conquer their female folks in bed their sexual drive will stay elevated for years to come but as time goes on age starts catching up on them.

While it is believed that life really begins at 40 the sex live also matters a lot. Note that age doesn’t have to be a barrier to a fulfilling sex life, however, biological changes can have a significant impact on libido and performance.

“As you reach middle age, libido becomes a bit like the stock market,” says Dr Ian Kerner, a sex psychologist based in New York City and author of She Comes First.”

“It’s up and down from day to day and reflects underlying dynamics such as relationship health and the participants’ diet, exercise and self-esteem,” he says.

It’s also common for men’s erections to become less reliable after 40, says Cate Campbell, a psychosexual medicine specialist and author of The Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy (Vermilion, £9.99).

This could distress some men but it does not stop them enjoying sex as men can still orgasm without a full erection.

But, there are ways that this can be reversed by following some key steps.


Diet plays a major role in sex drive. Your sex drive is bound to be lower if you don’t eat properly. The best way to counter the effect of diet is to eat the foods that boost your sexual health.

The following are some quality foods for boosting your sexual drive:

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You should eat a bunch of grapes on a daily basis to boost your sex drive. They contain resveratrol that increases sperm production and testosterone levels.

Researchers recently found that grapes can boost your testosterone levels and improve your sperm motility.

Some people avoid tuna because of its smell but you should know that it’s rich in Vitamin D which is great for boosting testosterone levels.

A study found that the vitamin D found in tuna can increase testosterone levels by 90%. A can of tuna contains about 100% of the daily Vitamin D intake.

Oysters are great for increasing a person’s sex drive because they are rich in zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral for improving muscle performance and boosting growth hormone levels.

Research has proven that zinc helps in boosting testosterone levels in the body. To read about all the benefits of zinc for men click here.

Garlic is beneficial in boosting a person’s sex drive. The main reason is that it triggers the release of luteinizing hormone, which has been shown to boost testosterone levels in the body.

Both garlic and onions also contain a chemical known as diallyl disulfide which increases sperm concentration in the testes.


Water is also very helpful for improving libido because the blood contains about 90% water. You should drink about six to eight glasses of water to keep your energy levels high.

Another reason that water is important for libido is because studies have shown that even mild dehydration can significantly increase the stress hormone cortisol.

And because cortisol can lower testosterone levels it’s really important to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep cortisol down.

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People over 40 stress more and as mentioned above the stress hormone has the ability to lower the male sex drive because it can lower testosterone.

Stress keeps you alert and focused on potential threats but when your body is in this state the arteries can narrow.

When the arteries narrow this can lead to restricted blood flow in the body that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Short-term stress can become long-term because of daily worries and this can seriously switch off the sex drive.

Try not to skip too many meals. When you skip eating regular meals over a long period of time the body stresses and goes in ‘famine’ mood. This means that less energy is reserved for sex.

Never overwork yourself. Some people work too much and sleep too little which increases stress. So you should know your limits and have proper work-free periods.

Meditation can help you learn the skill of being able to relax at will. It can also help you to achieve quality deep sleep that will increase testosterone levels. You can read my post about meditation and testosterone here.


Exercise is really important for anyone wanting to boost sex drive. Burning body fat through regular exercise will help boost your testosterone levels like nothing else.

The reason for this is because inside of body fat, the enzyme aromatase is abundant and this enzyme converts your testosterone into estrogen very efficiently.

The way to lower body fat is to do 3 full body workouts each week and on your days off do some light aerobic activity like walking, low-intensity jogging or a bike ride to keep your activity levels up and burn calories.

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When you start to feel your sex drive becoming stronger now is the time to concentrate on setting the mood for sex. In a partially stable relationship, sex is sometimes considered as the last activity of the day. But you should give a lot of attention to having sex.

Take some time to set the scene and spend some time together before having sex like having a meal. You should make your wife/girlfriend the sole focus for one evening in a week.

You should also create a relaxing environment and make sure that you aren’t disturbed during this time. You should also change the way you have sex with your partner each time so it doesn’t become boring and is always exciting.


Research has found a real link between sleep and sex drive. The main reason behind this is that the body makes testosterone and growth hormone during deep sleep.

Always endeavour to sleep for seven to nine hours every night. It is always advisable to sleep when you are tired u

If you have trouble getting deep sleep you could try relaxation techniques a few hours before bed or you could try the calming herb ashwagandha to improve your sleep.

Don’t do anything which disrupts your sleep. You should also have calmness and quietness in your bedroom. A good idea to stop outside noise and interference is to put earplugs in your ears when you go to bed.