I have warned my children who are doctors to stay away from this ‘nonsense’ strike – Ngige

I have warned my children who are doctors to stay away from this ‘nonsense’ strike – Ngige
Chris Ngige - Minister of Labour and Employment

As the ongoing industrial action of the National Association of Resident Doctors continues to cripple activities in the health sector, the Minister of Labour, Dr Chris Ngige, disclosed that he has warned his children who are medical doctors to stay off the strike, which he described as "nonsense".

Recall that the resident doctors are currently protesting the alleged failure of the Federal Government to honour the agreement reached with the association.

Speaking on Channels Television's Politics Today on Friday night, the minister who has a son and daughter who are practising doctors, vowed to invoke his powers against the doctors if they continue with the strike.

An aggrieved Ngige vowed to invoke the "no work, no pay rule" if the doctors do not resume by next week.

"Next week I'll escalate this issue because reconciliation has failed."

"I won't meet them anymore because I have other things to do. I did two conciliations yesterday. Am I going to be wasting my time with them?

"I have other tools within the labour laws and I will do it. I invoked Section 43 of the labour laws this afternoon. I have communicated it to NARD. They will not receive money for the period they are on strike and it will never count as a period of pensionable position in their career.

"Even the International Labour Organisation supports it because they render essential services. They are not supposed to go on strike without notifying me 15 days before the day of strike.

"As we speak, I have not received any notification that is why I am invoking Section 43 of the Labour Act on withdrawal of services, right to strike and the right to protect the employer and their patients.

"Things will happen next week. Let them wait because they are taking government for a ride and it is wrong. They are playing with lives.
"My children are medical doctors and I have warned them not to be part of this nonsense strike."

When asked if the Federal Government could cope without the doctors, who are rendering critical services at a time when there are rising cases of COVID-19 and diarrhoea, Ngige said things are under control.