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HEALTH ALERT: Aphrodisiacs, intoxicants linked to cancer



Prof. Peter Katchy, National President of National Complementary and Alternative Medical Association (NACAMA), said excessive use of aphrodisiacs and intoxicants are significant factors in cancer prevalence.

Katchy told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Onitsha on Thursday that cancer had become alarming among youths in view of so many lives lost daily to the disease.

“Taking of intoxicants like Indian hemp, heroines and cocaine as well as excessive use of aphrodisiacs is taking a toll on the health of our youths.

“People take aphrodisiacs just because they want to be sexually active; they go on taking certain drugs which impair their kidney and liver and lead to a cancerous level.

“Extra-ordinary lifestyle through drug addiction should stop. Don’t take drugs you don’t know, they impair organs of the body and lead to cancer,” he said.

Katchy warned that smoking, drug abuse, use of adulterated drugs, and exposure to dangerous pathogens as well as intake of concoctions with no empirical values, also causes cancer.

He urged governments at all levels to create more awareness on cancer and build more screening centres.

“Frankly speaking, Nigeria is not well equipped for the treatment of cancer but I know that governments are trying their best to enhance treatment of the disease.

“Latest technology in management and prevention of cancer should be deployed.

“People are equally advised to go for screening as early detection of the disease could help patients to seek early ways of controlling the spread to other parts of the body,” he advised.