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GWR confirms Ugandan group’s world record for ‘longest clap’


GWR confirms Ugandan group's world record for ‘longest clap’

Phaneroo Ministries, a renowned Christian organization in Uganda, celebrated its ninth anniversary in a truly extraordinary manner by breaking the world record for the longest applause. 

With 926 participants gathered at the UMA Multipurpose Hall in Kampala, they clapped continuously for an astonishing 3 hours and 16 minutes, achieving an average sound level of 88.5 decibels, well above the required 80 decibels for the entire duration.

This record-breaking event, aptly named “Clap for Jesus,” showcased Phaneroo’s vibrant and energetic gatherings. 

Each participant had to clap continuously, and bathroom breaks were not allowed. Even when someone felt thirsty, stewards held bottles of water to their mouths, allowing them to sip while continuing to clap.

Apostle Grace Lubega, the leader of Phaneroo Ministries, explained the motivation behind this historic achievement: “In a time where many are struggling as a result of various life events, I wanted to bring people to a place of thanksgiving and celebration.”

“We sought to send a message to the world that regardless of the struggles and difficulties, we must have room for gratitude and thanksgiving.”

The event was meticulously organized, adhering to strict Guinness World Records guidelines. Representatives from Guinness World Records attended the event to confirm the achievement, surpassing the previous record of 2 hours and 5 minutes set in 2019 by Stevens Clark and The Festival of Awesomeness (UK).

This awe-inspiring accomplishment adds a unique chapter to the history of the longest applause record. The record was initially established in 1991 when Spanish opera legend Plácido Domingo received applause for 1 hour and 20 minutes following a performance of Otello at the Vienna Staatsoper.

In 2002, German band Grabowsky broke this record by receiving applause for 1 hour and 30 minutes, even returning to perform an encore of two songs after the ovation had concluded.

Apostle Grace Lubega emphasized the unity and solidarity displayed during this remarkable feat, stating, “Phaneroo’s breaking of the Guinness World Record for the longest applause serves as a reminder that when people come together with a common vision and unwavering commitment, they can achieve the extraordinary.”

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