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Gunmen kill eight Jos residents in Independence Day attack


On Monday, an attack by gunmen on Adu village in the Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State resulted in the death of eight individuals. The National Publicity Secretary of the Irigwe Development Association, Davidson Malison, confirmed that the incident occurred on Sunday, coinciding with Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day anniversary.

According to Malison, the attackers arrived in the village around 8.10pm and opened fire on unsuspecting residents who were asleep. 

He expressed his grief over the incident, stating that while others celebrated Independence Day, the Rigwe people were mourning. 

 “While other people celebrated 63rd Nigeria’s Independence Day with excitement, joy and happiness, Rigwe people were enveloped with tears, sorrow and sadness following an attack at Du village of Kwall District, Rigwe Chiefdom of Plateau State in Nigeria.

“This is no doubt the continuation of the destruction of lives and the ceaseless attempts to annihilate the Rigwe race by the men of the underworld which has kept on persisting,” he said

He called for an end to these violent attacks and emphasized that their ancestral land is God-given and its people cannot be evicted.

Nuhu Bitrus, the spokesman for the Miango Youths Development Association, also expressed his sorrow over the incident. He mentioned that instead of celebrating Independence Day as planned, they were arranging funerals for the victims of the attack and turning the event into a day of prayer for the safety of their communities.


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