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Group slams K1 for imposing Chairmanship candidate on Isolo residents


Isolo Youth Coalition has slammed legendary Fuji singer, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, fondly known as K1, over allegations that he is interfering in the Isolo politics of the All Progressive Congress.

The Fuji music star was specifically accused of infiltrating the party elders to impose his stage manager, Bayo Olasoju, as consensus Chairman of the Local Council Development Area.

In a statement signed by the youth leader, Saheed Adebayo, the Fuji star was quoted, saying he was trying to compensate the band boy for his loyalty to the Ultimate Band with the position.

More so, Olasoju was accused of incompetence as a vice-chairman and being more concerned about his social celebrity status, instead of the welfare of the local council people.

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The statement reads, “During one of the councils’ budget retreat, he (Olasoju) did not attend, only to see him on the stage at Chief Okoya’s 80th birthday collecting money sprayed his boss (K1). Is that the kind of local council chairman we deserve?”

The group, however, called on the party elders to wade into the matter to help the APC grow and instill confidence in the people.

Specifically, they called on the national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to call K1 to order not to put his personal interest above that of the people.

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However, in an exclusive chat with WuzupNigeria, Olasoju debunked the accusation, stating that he has been a card-carrying member of the party since 1995.

He said, “Basically, we do not respond to them because the person making the allegation is a faceless person. You can ask about who Saheed Adedayo is; he is a faceless person. He is not even a member of the party; so, we do not respond to rumours.

“If he is someone who has something to say, he should come out and not use a fake name. I have been a party man since 1995. I have also been a ward secretary, LG officer, and supervisor.

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“The same name has been making allegations against me and we have asked the person to come out. Besides, there is a chance for a debate. If you say that there is an imposition, the question is ‘who is their candidate’?

“There is a primary election to be held on Saturday; so one should not be afraid. Also, when they talk about imposition, K1 does not have the right to do such an imposition. If they are sure that their candidate is popular, then they should wait till the primary. It is not a do-or-die affair for me.”