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Girl, 15, shares video of herself smoking weed


A video making rounds on social media show the moment a teenage Nigerian girl recorded herself smoking ‘weed’  and posted it online.

The 15-year-old posted the video of herself smoking weed inside a toilet and of course, social media users were quick to react to it as some found it rather disturbing that a girl her age would be smoking.

Some others, however, blamed her parents.


Watch the video below;

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The video garnered a lot of reactions. See some of them below;

@ij_kush wrote;
Life is in stages and each stage should be enjoyed and not rushed. Started driving at 13, but I wished I enjoyed the things meant for me for my age and started 4 years later. Driving is now a chore She’s 15, she should be discovering herself, not how well she can blow a joint
A 15 year old girl smoking anything is wrong on all levels and there no english that can be used to make it look woke or right.. She’s 15 ffs (still a kid) how is that some people are saying “nothing is wrong”

Will you approve of your 15 year old child or sibling smoking?

Looking at the way she blows the joint shows that she’s just starting and can still be stopped. She’s 15, naive and probably just want to get high from what she was told. I’m sure they didn’t tell her the negative effect it brings.
We can disagree on many things and still remain cordial. Supporting a 15 yr old girl smoking weed because of woke isn’t one of them. She’s 15 ffg, no amount of English will ever make it seem right.