VIDEO: Couple caught making love during zoom meeting

VIDEO: Couple caught making love during zoom meeting

A yet-to-be-identified lady has been captured in a rather awkward position at a zoom meeting with her colleagues.

In a viral video posted online, the lady was seen engrossed in a meeting when her partner came into the room half-clad.

After fiddling around the room, his presence caught the attention of the lady who momentarily left her seat without switching off the camera.

Participants at the zoom meeting spent some time watching the couple as they cuddled and attempted to make out in amusement.

While treating the audience to the intimate session, her colleagues tried frantically to get her attention on the screen without success.

A colleague called to inform her that all the staff and management of the organization could see all the freaky activity.

She had barely concluded her speech before the lady rushed towards the camera to turn it off.

Watch the video below;

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