Rich Nigerian kid who spends over ₦5m a month humbled after meeting struggling UK family

Rich Nigerian kid who spends over ₦5m a month humbled after meeting struggling UK family

A Nigerian rich kid, who reportedly lives on a £1,500/month allowance (about ₦869,135.70) was reduced to tears after meeting with a struggling family in the United Kingdom.

Bankrolled by her unnamed millionaire grandfather, Daily Mail reported that Mercedez Maduka, who is studying in London lives in a £2,000 (approx. ₦1,158,859.80) a month penthouse flat and she splashes her cash on designer handbags, buying two to three a month up to £6,000 (₦3,232,310.11) and spending £100 (₦57,950.57) a day on food takeaways.

Mercedez whose exposure to luxury is thanks to her unnamed granddad, who owned owns several cars and engineering companies in Nigeria, was humbled when she met an indigent family of three on Rich Kids Go Skint.

Arguably a huge contrast to Mercedez's luxury lifestyle, Liam and Caitlan, who were both unemployed, scraped by on £548 (₦317,575.86) a month of benefits, selling their belongings at the pawnshop to make ends meet.

The couple, who are also expecting another baby, rely on the help of a local food bank to feed their two-year-old daughter, Esme-Rose.

Liam told Mercedez how he used to sleep rough as a 13-year-old and had to forage in bins in order to feed himself.

The conversation happened after Liam reluctantly sold a bracelet of Esme's in order for the family to get by for the month.

"When I was 13 years old, I couldn't get no money at the time, no money or job,' he told Mercedez. "There's a shop just around the corner, I had to sleep underneath it, for six and a half months.

"This here," he said, pointed to a corner full of rubbish, it used to be a walk bin, where I spent most of my time, for six and a half month, behind here, eating out of bins," he told her.

"Sometimes I used to, on a Friday night, sit outside clubs begging for money, something I wouldn't ever want anybody to go through," he added.

"I can't read much now, can't write very well, I'm very very dyslexic, that stops me from getting plenty of jobs, stops me from driving, stops me from actually working sometimes," he said, crying.

Mercedez who lost her father at age 4 couldn't hold back her tears either. "From all you've gone through, you're still so positive, you're an amazing person,' she said as she wiped tears off her eyes.

"Because of what my granddad has achieved, I've been able to live a luxury lifestyle," she admitted.

And even now that she was 24, she still received a £1,500 allowance, plus all her bills and rent taken care of.

"If I do need more, I can just send an email to my granddad, within 24 hours the money's in my account and I'm all good to go," she said.

"Electricity, gas, I don't know what this is, I have no clue," she said.

"That they'd go hungry and don't even eat for a day, I'm gonna be emotional," she said, with tears in her eyes.

"I'm here, eating three times a day, ordering in, ordering £100 worth of food a day, and having to budget £500 a month, I think that's very unfair," she said.

"Caitlan is 21, it's hard thinking about when I was 21, I think about how I'd have handled all of this.

"You're so much more mature than me, handling all of this at the age of 21,' she told the expecting mother-of-one.

The 24-year-old Nigerian rich kid, after several meetings with the couple, revealed she wanted to help the couple get back on their feet.

She bought books for Esme (their two-year-old daughter), and a gift voucher for driving lessons and a written test for Liam or Caitlan.

"I feel completely different than when I first came in and you guys showed me there way more to life than superficial goods and whatever I might be interested in,' she told Caitlan.

"It's definitely made me appreciate things I might have overlooked before,' she said.

"Mercedez, I thought she was stuck up when we first seen her but she's nothing like that, she really understands how we live,' Liam said.

"As much as I've been blessed, I haven't actually taken a step back to realise what I have and just how different everything could be, this has been amazing I feel like I really needed this, i'm very happy I've done this,' Mercedez said.

"I prefer to keep this money to go shopping to buy bags,' she added.