Plan B: Stay, don’t flee Nigeria – Okotie

Plan B: Stay, don’t flee Nigeria – Okotie

Reverend Chris Okotie, Nigerian televangelist and founder of the Household of God Church, has advised Nigerians not to flee from their fatherland because of the current security situation of the country.

The cleric, in a statement released on Tuesday, urged Nigerians to stand up to the challenges posed by terrorists, kidnappers and other violent criminals rather than abandon the country to the aggressors.

The 62-year-old spoke in reaction to comments on social media, in which some prominent citizens urged Nigerians to be prepared to escape from the country in view of the deteriorating security situation.

WUZUPNIGERIA reported that Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock Church, in one of his sermons, had advised members of his congregation to consider leaving the country.

While speaking, Adefarasin disclosed that his wife, Ifeoma, was out of Nigeria to create their own plan B in the case of an eventuality.

The 58-year-old preacher went on to say that no country in the world has survived two civil wars and that his listeners could be in fright and running for dear life any day from now.

Okotie, however, disagrees with Adefarasin, saying:

"David faced Goliath. Some trust in chariots and horses as veritable escapist instrumentality. But we will remember the name of the Lord. The hireling runs but the true shepherd repels the canine monstrosity of the old fox. No uncircumcised Philistine will annex the inheritance of the saints in light in Nigeria.

"They lurk in our forests in covert stratagem. They parade our streets, byways and highways in subtle disguise. Yet Jehovah has discovered their witty inventions. His indignation will consume them in holy jealousy. Fear not beloved of the Lord for there is a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry trees.

"The armies of heaven are marshalled forth on our behalf. Remember, the taunting of Ishmael will not cause Isaac to lose the inheritance. So, stand your ground. Having done all, STAND!!

"Our God is Jehovah Sabaoth, the mighty God Almighty. Of whom shall we be afraid? Jesus Christ, Jehovah-Victor is the Ark of God and leads his army. Arise! Arise!, soldiers of the cross. Time to take the battle to the gate!!"

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