Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo blows hot over viral bridesmaid’s cleavage video

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo blows hot over viral bridesmaid’s cleavage video

Relationship coach, counsellor and founder of David's Christian Centre, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, has berated all actors in the viral video of the bridesmaid whose outfit got social media buzzing.

The Pastor tackled the bride in the traditional wedding video that showed one of the ladies on her bridal train dancing unashamedly while exposing ample cleavage.

The TV host, who shared the video on his Instagram page, wondered why the bride would keep such a friend.

He added that the bride had the power to have stopped the indecently dressed lady when she arrived at the venue.

Pastor Kingsley reminded the lady of the importance of decency, explaining that it was wrong of her to attempt to capture people's attention on someone else's special occasion.

PK  as he is also called castigated the person seen spraying the indecently dressed lady. He said that it was the wrong timing to indulge in such an act.

Addressing parents and elders at the event, he said:

"Hope one of you corrected the friend and corrected the situation. Keeping quiet at such means approval and more people will think it's OK."

Pastor Kingsley ended the rebuke by reminding the society of the need to maintain good behaviour especially in a world where it is fast eroding.

WuzupNigeria had reported that the bridesmaid's breast which was on full display, left little to imagination so much so that a male guest left the bride to spray money on her. Read here.