Oyedepo defends pastors sacking, says were unfruitful, blatant failures
Bishop David Oyedepo

Oyedepo defends pastors sacking, says were unfruitful, blatant failures

Founder of the Living Faith Church International, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has responded to allegations that his church sacked some pastors for failing to grow revenue.

WuzupNigeria reported that one Pastor, Peter Godwin, claimed that he was sacked alongside 40 other clerics in Ekiti State alone, while The PUNCH added that the figure may be more than that nationwide.

However, in a recent sermon, Oyedepo debunked the reports that the pastors were sacked for not making money for the church, rather, he stated that they were "blatant failure".

He said, "People are confused about our Ministry. I learnt some fellows said, "You know, they are not bringing income, that is why they asked them to go.

"We asked you to go because you are unfruitful. Unfruitful! Blatant failure. Doing what there? We have no patience with failure here.

"When we employed 7,000 people at a time, social media was dead.

"We have more employees in this organisation than most of the states. No one is owed a dime salary and we don't borrow, we don't beg. Ask our bank whether we take overdraft.

"We are covenant bound, working in the light of God's word, enjoying an open Heaven."

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