My neighbour hired hoodlums who attacked me with acid – Lady narrates

My neighbour hired hoodlums who attacked me with acid – Lady narrates

A Nigerian woman has narrated how her neighbour hired some hoodlums to bathe her with acid out of envy.

The lady, @gisylvie, who narrated her ordeal via her Instagram on Tuesday, said the neighbour hired her attackers because she was jealous of her success.

According to her, the attack which happened last year left unforgettable scars on her body. She added that the scars continually remind her of the incident.

She stated that she didn't share the story when it happened because she needed to heal physically and mentally.

She wrote,

"It's been a whole year already since tragedy hit me.

I haven't posted this officially on my page because I needed to heal physically and mentally,I wanted my soul to heal before officially speaking on this and I think now is the time.

Last year on the 2nd of May(my birth month)a guy name Eventis Shu Nji and his baby mama Elangwe Nora Mesumbe paid two guys TABE Jones and his friend Carlos to pour acid on me,they offered the two 250,000f which an advance payment of 50,000f was done first and the remaining money was to be paid after the job was done.

All this started two years ago when Nora contacted me as a client who wanted to buy some products I sell,I directed her my shop and she bought her stuff and left,the time she spent in my shop she tried so hard to bring up some other topics far from business which I avoided,the next day she texted me again says she just noticed we were neighbors and that it was a good opportunity for us to be best of friends and how she wanted to come visit me in my apartment.

I wasn't comfortable with that so I told her I wasn't around.

long story short,she tried so hard to get close but I made sure it was business and nothing else.

I guess she felt rejected and went ahead to create a fake account which she insulted me and my entire family for over 8-9monthis,she was posting pics of me and my entire family saying all sorts of nonsense u can ever imagine,she even went ahead to call my mother a prostitute and how I inherited prostitution from her. people kept sending me screenshots of all what she was post so I decided to post her fake account online complains about what was going on,note that I didn't link her to the account at that time thou I was very sure she was the one,I just posted complains how someone was using fake accounts to disrespect me and my entire family

That was when I now got the conformation from her friends that she was the person with that account,many of them contacted me and told me they knew the person who has the account and were asking me if I knew Nora because she had told them that her boyfriends ex was using the account to threaten her life but when investigations were done they discovered she was the one…"

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