Pay abducted Greenfield students’ ransom with funds from CBN – Gumi urges FG

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi
Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Popular Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, on Tuesday, urged the federal government to secure money from the treasury of the Central Bank of Nigeria to meet the bandits' demands for the release of the remaining 17 students of Greenfield University, Kaduna.

Speaking during a live programme on the African Independent Television, Kakaaki, Gumi alerted that the situation is becoming complex as Boko Haram terrorists are already showing in the lingering crisis.

Recall that the bandits made a fresh ransom demand of N100m with a renewed threat to kill all remaining victims.
There was a palpable fear in Kaduna as the ultimatum issued by the bandits lapsed on Tuesday (yesterday).

The threat comes after the bandits already had killed five of the abducted 23 students and a member of staff of the university.

Gumi bared his mind on the challenges surrounding the abduction.

"As for the forestry students, we have been trying to see whether we can get some of the herdsmen's contact so that they can release these people.

"We have also been trying our best but you know we have limitations, there are lots of obstacles on the way but the parents have been really consulting with us."

"The issue of the Greenfield students is a little bit more complex.

"There are two groups of bandits. We have the ordinary Fulani ethnic herdsmen and the religious elements, terrorists. That is why we have been telling the government to support us so that we can go in and bring the children out.

"The issue is getting compounded because this element is coming in; Boko Haram is coming into the scene now. They are the ones that captured Greenfield students. It is not a question of sleeping. You have to act very fast."

According to the PUNCH, Gumi wanted a situation where the Nigerian government would get the ransom from the apex bank in order to secure the release of the students.

"The money they are asking for is too much; if I give you that money, you cannot run away with it. Nobody can run. So, why not give them the money, they release the boys and then we pursue them and get our money back and do what is necessary; it is simple logic. So, bring the money from the central bank. How can they move that money? We should not be stupid.

"These people are getting infiltrated; Boko Haram is getting close and they don't respect the clergy. I need support to get them inoculated against the infiltration of these ideologies, whether Boko Haram or Ansaru, whatever it is. We need to shield them because they are naïve. If there is too much pressure on them, and they see help from Boko Haram, who are richer and have more weapons, it is going to consume everybody."

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