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Four normal things abroad the average Nigerian considers weird BY Victor Dirikebamor


There are a dozen things the average Nigerian considers weird that are absolutely normal in many other countries.

Here are four of those:

Why visit a psychiatrist?

People who study psychology in college mostly end up working in other departments in the government, there are not many jobs for them in Nigeria.

In fact, I haven’t seen a Nigerian who says “I’m going to see a psychologist.”

Majority of Nigerians don’t feel safe sharing their burden with a total stranger, neither will they take advice from such people. They would rather talk to friends.

About the only people, the average Nigerian listen to are banks, pastors and native doctors.

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I’m of the opinion that more than half of Nigerians have serious psychological issues but chose to ignore them. Thank God serial killings are rare here.

Why does anyone need a Dentist?

You will have a hard time explaining to my grandpa why you went to study only the teeth instead of the whole body.

These people only wait for serious surgery, that’s the only time most Nigerians remember them.

They consider these folks doctor but not doctor.

They are not real to us. Real Doctors treat every part of the body, hence in Nigeria, even a dentist does abortion, treats eyes and other ailments to support his ministry(family).

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Why safety officers?

This is being embraced in large companies now, but back then who cares about safety?

I worked in a company where the safety boss had to constantly encourage, warn and threaten workers to keep their hard hats on their head only for them to take it off and hold it in their hand immediately after he leaves.

“I’m not blind, I won’t hit my head intentionally at any hard surface, what does this man take me for, a fool?”

Nigerians believe in prayers more than safety. After powerful prayers— it’s powerful because people shout and sweat while praying, they are ready to face the world without worry thereafter.

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Come and see James Bond drivers in Lagos, alone—only to scream Jesus before an accident.

Praying in total silence:

How do you pray without making a sound?

Your neighbours don’t even know you as a prayer warrior?

The witches in your family/village have to beware of you before God even sends them fire.

The average Nigerian prays with blood and sweat.

The Bible said talk to God but the average Nigerian shouts to God.

You’re considered a weak Christian if you don’t pray that way.

In fact, no Nigerian, living in a Christian dominated state will say he hasn’t overheard a neighbour praying.