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Five ways to make people love you



Nobody likes to be an outcast.

Everyone wants to be loved. If at times due to prevailing circumstances or situations beyond a person’s control, a person finds it difficult to make friends, it is very hard. There have been researches seeking to know the ways a person might improve here and there and become liked. As a result, there several helpful points have been developed.

In fact, here are loads of materials available no online and in hard copies for people who acknowledge their inadequacy in this case and who are willing to work towards conquering the flaws. For such people, here are five sure fire ways to make yourself likeable.

1. Take personal interest in people. 

This doesn’t mean you become a busybody or take care of all their problems for them like a god or some voltron. You can do this in little ways that cover a lot of grounds.  first off learn names and make use of them. Always use an individual’s name in a conversation. According to Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, this tried-and-true technique is sure to increase your fan base.

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2. Be genuinely happy with people, show it with a true smile.

Moods are infectious, so if you walk about with a long face, you’d only end up with miserable people  who are not even interested in liking you, because happy people will avoid your negativity.  So keep that broad smile. Don’t worry if it makes you look like a sheep. The positive energy it exudes will attract happy people who will like, even love you.

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3.Listen sincerely
It’s probably a no-brainer that people will like you more if you listen to them.This starts with ignoring your Twitter feed while out to dinner with friends, but goes a lot further than that. You can show you’re listening to someone through body language (positioning your body to face someone and mirroring his or her stance), eye contact (giving plenty of it), and verbal confirmation(we’ll talk more about this next)

4. Sincere Compliments and Plentiful Praise
As noted again by the famous self-improvement expert Dale Carnegie,individuals crave authentic appreciation. This is very different from empty flattery, which most people are adept at detecting. No one likes a brown-nose, and most people don’t particularly love being pandered to. What people really want is sincere appreciation — to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts.
In addition to giving people sincere appreciation, it’s also important to be generous with your praise. People love being praised, and is it any surprise? It feels great to be told you’ve performed a job well. When an individual does something right, say so. It won’t be forgotten.

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5.Become an Expert in Storytelling
People love a good story, and great stories require sophisticated storytellers, said Larry Kim author of word stream. Storytelling is an art form that requires understanding of language and pacing. Master the fine oral tradition of storytelling and people will flock to you like you’re The Bard.