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Five things not to do on Valentine’s Day


1. Don’t go to the same place

It might seem like a good idea to take your partner somewhere you’ve been before and you know they like. But this is Valentine’s Day, it’s your time to show them that you are spontaneous! find the best rated local restaurant in your area. Get booking now as they do fill up fast.

2. Don’t bring a friend

Valentine’s Day is one day of the year that should be spent with a loved one alone. We all know that two’s company and three’s a crowd. So no matter how sorry you feel for your single friend, don’t bring them along to your date night. This is only going to infuriate your partner and leave you in the doghouse for quite some time.

3. Don’t get drunk

We’ve all been there, so desperate to impress someone that we have a few drinks for Dutch courage before the actual date. Then when you’re on the date you end up drinking so fast because you’re nervous. This is not a good idea, as it is likely that you will end up getting drunk and talking nonsense and making a fool out of yourself.

4. Don’t dump them

If you’re thinking about dumping your partner, then don’t do it on Valentine’s Day. That memory will live with them forever. So get your timing right. A couple of days before isn’t good either as they more than likely have already started making plans. This rule can also be applied to other big celebrations such as birthdays.

5.Don’t talk about your ex

Talking about your ex to your new partner is normally a no-go area but even more so on Valentine’s Day. By talking about past relationships your date will only get the impression that you’re not over them. On Valentine’s Day your partner wants you to tell them they are the most special person in the world – not second best!