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FG launches startup support portal


The Federal Government has launched the Startup Support and Engagement Portal In a significant step towards supporting and fostering the growth of Nigeria’s startup ecosystem. 

This online platform is a key component of implementing the Nigeria Startup Act, enacted in 2022 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, announced the launch of the portal via Twitter, stating, “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Startup Support and Engagement Portal, [](, a key requirement for the implementation of the Nigeria Startup Act. The startup portal will drive the identification and aggregation of Nigerian startups, venture capital companies, hubs, and innovation centers to facilitate engagement and support for ecosystem players.”

The portal will serve as a centralized platform for startups, venture capitalists, hubs, and innovation centers to register, connect, and access essential resources. This initiative is expected to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and provide valuable insights into the Nigerian startup landscape.

Dr. Tijani further highlighted the portal’s role in establishing startup consultative forums. These forums will bring together representatives from the startup ecosystem to engage in discussions, share ideas, and contribute to the development of policies and initiatives that support their growth.

The launch of the portal allows us to initiate the process of setting up startup consultative forums to select representatives to the National Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to facilitate discourse and consensus among ecosystem players,” Dr. Tijani explained.

The minister also extended an invitation to all Nigerian startups, venture capital companies, hubs, and innovation centers to register on the portal and collaborate with the government to ensure the successful implementation of the Startup Act.


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